Alex and Ellen

July 8, 2017 · Maui

Our story

In true modern romance fashion, Alex and Elle met on a dating app. Their first date was mini golf in the city. Followed by drinks well into the night. Alex missed the opportunity for a kiss that evening and opted for a quick hug goodbye, this left Elle uncertain about how Alex felt. Many more dates followed, and the two quickly became inseparable. They've travelled together to Maui, Puerto Vallarta, Australia and (of course!) Disneyland. Alex proposed during a surprise weekend getaway at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur.

The details

Both our ceremony and reception will be taking place in Kihei on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Kihei is located in South Maui and is approximately a 25 minute drive from Maui Airport.


For your convenience we have made hotel arrangements at Maui Coast Hotel. A limited number of rooms have been reserved at a special rate for this occasion, if you are interested please make a booking before June 24th. For more information use the following link to inquire about your stay. Contact Maui Room Blocks.

Alternatively VRBO and Airbnb offer a range of options for accommodation in South Maui.

Of course there are also a range of hotel options in both Kihei and Wailea and across the island! Just keep in mind there might be a little travel time after the party/after party, if you do wish to book your accommodation a bit further away.

Our wedding party

Get to know a little bit about the special people that are helping us make this day possible.

  • Lauren Campbell Ruhstaller

    Matron of Honor

    Lauren married Elle’s brother 8 years ago, and from that day forward Lauren and Elle’s friendship blossomed. Does this sound cheesy enough? I hope so. It gets better - on the morning of Matt and Lauren’s wedding, Elle arrived to Lauren’s bridal suite where they watched Twilight. A bond was forged over pale vampires, moody cinematography, and werewolves. Friends forever.

  • Luciana Mia Casale


    Mia and Elle go way back - to their elementary school, Annunciation. The girls also went to the same high school - St. Mary’s - and they ended up being doubles partners on the tennis team. The two did not go to the same college, (WHAT?!) but they did stay in touch over the years and eventually both ended up in the Bay Area. They have always remained the best of friends and enjoy shopping and champs. Obviously.

  • Emily Ristevski


    Emily is Alex’s younger sister. As kids Emily used to always get her own way, leaving her older brothers to deal with the consequences from mum and dad. During Emily’s first few days of kindergarten Alex remembers spending his lunch time with Emily, making sure she was settling in okay as she started making new friends. Maybe not so coincidentally, Emily attended the same university as Alex and also studied a design degree.

  • Everly Campbell Ruhstaller

    Flower Girl

    Everly is Elle’s niece and they even have the same initials-ECR! Everly’s favorite Disney Princess is Rapunzel. Ariel is a close second. Before she could master the name, “Auntie” she would call Elle, “E-T” and it was pretty darn adorable. Everly loves to dance, especially when she controls the playlist. Pretty soon, Everly will be joining the sleepover fun at Auntie and Alex’s!

  • Simon Ristevski

    Best Man

    Being Alex's big brother, Simon got to introduce Alex to many things growing up. Computers and the internet was one that payed off. Simon was the only one in the house who knew how to run the 93' Compaq Presario. Later when Alex graduated high school Simon helped him land his first tech job. Today, Alex and Simon can talk about the latest technology for hours. When visiting home they both enjoy a few rounds of Simon's (work in progress) homebrew.

  • Matthew Gray Ruhstaller

    Groomsman & Officiant

    When Ellen was born, Matthew was not entirely sold on having a sister. In fact, he suggested that maybe she should be thrown away. However, over the years - over many years - they both found to enjoy hanging out with each other! These days, they get together weekly for “Family Dinner.” Matt makes a mean Manhattan; or as Elle likes to call them, “Matt-hattan’s.”

  • Parker Donald Ruhstaller


    Parker is the youngest of the Ruhstaller siblings, but he is the tallest! Parker and Ellen have always been close; in fact, they shared a bedroom when they were little. In their 20’s they shared an apartment in Berkeley. They now live about 4 blocks from each other! Fun fact: Parker and Elle have a go to karaoke duet that they perform together - “Forgot About Dre.”

  • Grayson Cash Ruhstaller

    Ring Bearer

    Grayson is Elle’s nephew. His favorite ride at Disneyland is Pirate’s of the Caribbean. And while he has not been to any of the other Disney Parks, he can pretty much give you the play by play of the ride paths for the Pirate’s ride at Disneyland Paris and Shanghai Disney. How is that? He watches the rides on Youtube! Grayson enjoys sleepovers at Auntie and Alex’s apartment which usually involve Lego building, Disney movies, sing a longs, and popcorn.

  • Registry

    Should you wish to help us celebrate with a gift, please see the following registries.


    Here's a few photos of Alex and Elle, check back after the wedding for an updated gallery!